Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Super Tuesday

Romney needs to lock this up. Santorum is an intelligent, passionate man who cares deeply about 'value' issues. But.... Santorum fails to connect with voters who have core concerns that go beyond gay marriage, abortion and condoms. We NEED to nominate a candidate who can challenge the President on the economy, on foreign policy and on the debt. Santorum's views alienate far too many people where as Romney's views (especially with his willingness to think outside the Republican box - his MA health care program for example, offer a real chance to bring people together. Romney is the only option we have. An imperfect candidate for sure, but a candidate who can beat Obama and carry out sensible, intellectual (non-palin), bi-partisan reforms.

For UK readers - I will be going on BBC News at around 2.30-2.45PM to talk about STuesday. Watch! For US readers - you (might) be able to find this online via BBC World Service or something. It would be at 0930 EST.

Also - great piece on the Red Sox. (Kev- the Yankees are going down)

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