Friday, March 23, 2012

President Obama and Trayvon Martin

How the hell did the President become editor of the Harvard Law Review. 

By engaging so personally with the Trayvon Martin incident he has injected huge amounts of new emotion into an already emotionally overloaded situation. A situation in which the facts are not yet clear and in which incredibly serious criminal charges might follow. The job of the President is to stand above the fray and generate good policy. So.. Obama was absolutely right to suggest that the Govt. may need to look at the law etc.. but as President, he was absolutely wrong to engage race into the debate. The effective function of the law requires the accumulation of facts and calm analysis. This function is harmed by emotional outbursts from the Chief Executive.

Obama has a record for this kind of judicial interference. In 2010, he launched a highly partisan attack on the Supreme Court. And of course... when he threw himself into the Gates situation.

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