Monday, October 2, 2023

PLA cartoon, China-Philippines conflict? Russia on aid to Ukraine, Smart terrorists, China's executive prisoners, Biden-Xi APEC

PLA releases cartoon on militarized-if-necessary reunification with Taiwan. It's another sign of how important Taiwan's status is to the Chinese Communist Party.

Is China willing to start a conflict with the Philippines? The question has to be asked as Manila moves to assert greater authority in its exclusive economic zone.

Russia's overoptimistic assessment of U.S. tensions over Ukraine aid. Moscow senses a weakening of support in Congress. But it fails to recognize the longer-term picture.

A reminder that innovative terrorists pose a special threat. Most terrorists are stupid, but some are technically smart and pose significant threats.

China's strategy to boost foreign investment: hold executives hostage. Beijing is caught between its security paranoia and its need for increased foreign investment.

Yes, Biden should meet with Xi at APEC summit. Dialogue that might mitigate the risk of miscalculation is valuable in and of itself.

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