Thursday, February 16, 2023

Russia's defective strategy, Beijing/press freedom, Europe tanks, Balloongate, China espionage

The shallow soil of Russian victories in Ukraine. Russian forces are expending great efforts for little strategic return. They may regret it when Ukrainian counteroffensives begin.

Lauding its own censorship, Beijing attacks Australian media freedom. The Chinese Communist Party has a very different view of reality and fair journalism than you or I.

Europe's tank debacle. The news that European nations cannot put together even a modest battalion size armored force for Ukraine is telling.

from Wednesday...

Why China feels particular international pressure over balloongate. Beijing recognizes how its balloon antics fundamentally undercut the central "win-win" cooperation/respect for sovereignty argument it applies in foreign relations.

Keep focused on China's vast espionage campaign. Beijing leverages its power to conduct global espionage of varying kind and great scale.

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