Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Elections via Russia, Allies, China, Taiwan drones, Germany's naval deployment

Why Russia will relish in - and take advantage from - the U.S. election chaos. Putin will sense an opportunity to fray American democratic credibility and act against U.S. interests abroad.

How American allies are reacting to our election confusion. They want certainty as to who has won, or will be coronated the winner.

China's reaction to the U.S. election. Beijing is nervous that Biden might lose, and will be downhearted that the GOP appears to have secured the Senate.

U.S. sells Taiwan a drone curve ball against China. The $600 million deal will help the island democracy deter and defeat any Chinese invasion.

From Tuesday...

Germany's critical naval deployment to the Indian Ocean. The comments by Germany's defense minister that her nation will deploy a warship alongside the Australian navy, are to be welcomed.

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