Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Various pieces

Why a global coronavirus cease fire won’t work. Unfortunately, too many adversaries have too little interest in putting cooperation over chaos.
In his speech to Britons, Boris Johnson shows Winston Churchill is on his mind. The prime minister tried to draw a line from the struggles of the Second World War to the present.
China won’t pay, but Josh Hawley’s resolution deserves your support. We must hold the Chinese Communist Party for its deceptions and its utterly incompetent handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

and from yesterday...

Here's what Chinese state run media is telling its citizens. Basically: Xi is great, America is bad, and the world is grateful for the Communist Party's leadership. And you should be too.

Amid coronavirus, a reminder of why air supremacy matters. It offers the best means to deter and defeat adversaries in a situations where other means of force are restricted.

Why China's coronavirus PR strategy is ultimately doomed. The Communist regime has lied too much and with too much arrogance.

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