Friday, February 7, 2020

Seven different articles!

Democrats failed the Qassem Soleimani question. Their answers were weak, convoluted, and unsuitable from someone trying to lead the United States.
Meet Karen Pierce, Britain’s new ambassador to the United States. She has abundant relevant experience and is a pro-American figure.
Trump fails in his responsibility with the petulant firing of Alexander Vindman. The Army officer and military professionalism demanded his better treatment.
Joe Biden satirizes himself on ISIS. Albeit inadvertently. President Obama’s right hand man doesn’t have a whole lot of credibility on Iraq
Meet David Hogg, a history student in need of education. The Parkland survivor isn’t very well versed on Abraham Lincoln.
Philippines president strikes another blow against the special relationship. Washington should reconsider the near term nature of its support for this historic alliance.
Sorry, you cannot compel Americans to vote
The First Amendment is clear on this issue.

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