Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Democrats-Assad, Macron-Putin, US-Russia, Mulvaney UK, Grenell DNI, China WSJ

Democratic Party’s Bashar Assad problem goes way beyond Tulsi Gabbard. It reaches from Nancy Pelosi to Hillary Clinton to John Kerry to Barack Obama.
Media praise Emmanuel Macron, forget his craven support for Vladimir Putin. The idea that Macron is leader of the free world is a provably absurd one.

U.S. Military sends a strong message to Russia in Syria. This is a video with enjoyment factor and strategic value.
Mick Mulvaney launches new attack on the “deep state.” Speaking at the Oxford Union in England, the Chief of Staff signaled how Trump aims to mobilize his base.

What to expect from Trump’s new Director of National Intelligence. Rich Grenell comes from Berlin, and will bring with him a special focus on Iran.
Retaliate over China’s expulsion of Wall Street Journal reporters. Beijing must face consequences for its war on the free flow of information.

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