Thursday, June 6, 2019

Putin DDay, modern DDay, Taiwan arms, Parkland officer, WW2 history, Trump UK

How Vladimir Putin uses D-Day to his own advantage. The Russian leader uses tropes of history and ideological impulses among his population to further his own interests.

Would Americans support a modern D-Day. If we had to fight the Chinese or Russians over beachheads, what would Americans say?

Let China complain, the U.S. should approve a new arms sale to Taiwan. The Chinese only have themselves to blame for new American support to their enemy.

The Parkland school police officer is a scapegoat. Why didn't his leadership take steps to put someone suitable on the watch?

Russia's foreign ministry spokeswoman needs to learn some more WW2 history. The Soviet war machine was not as instrumental to victory as she pretends.

Trump's U.K. trip will earn him slightly improved poll ratings in Britain. The president did a good job in staying classy with the royal family.

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