Monday, June 24, 2019

Iran's new test, Federal reserve, Istanbul, Refugees, and from Friday

Trump imposes new sanctions, but he must prepare for Iran's next test. The Iranians have added reason to test American resolve.

Trump should shut up about the Federal Reserve. It's in his own interest to do so.

Losing Istanbul, again, Erdogan suffers a Titanic blow to his political identity. This is a big moment.

On international refugee day, Russia shows why there are so many refugees.

and some from Friday

Two differences between Trump's Iran retreat and Obama's red line debacle. The issue is credibility.

Blocking Saudi arms sales, the Senate shows its delusion. The action won't help U.S. interests.

In Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt two different visions for a conservative British future. The candidates offer diverging plans.

A good guy with a machete. A lad.

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