Monday, June 10, 2019

Ivan Golunov, American fascism, Hong Kong, USS Chancellorsville, Lesbian attack, D-Day

Ivan Golunov and the anatomy of Russian corruption. The journalist's arrest reflects the deep rot of corruption in Russian politics.

Fascism, and why Hillary Clinton needs to read more history. The former Secretary of State is silly to warn of encroaching fascism in America.

China, Hong Kong, and America's better international order. The truth of American leadership is measured by the costs of China's policy.

And... at 4m16s mark my appearance on Fox News Special Report from last Friday.

Oh, and three articles from Friday which I didn't post:

The USS Chancellorsville incident, or how Putin is sucking up to Xi. The alliance of Putin to Xi's belt road is quite striking.

Why the attack on a Lesbian couple in Britain is a big deal. The importance of London's tourist trade is such that the Police had to investigate aggressively.

Vox is wrong, Trump was the right person to deliver the D-Day address. The president is not wrong to complain about European security spending.

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