Friday, October 26, 2018

Spy university, Andrew Gillum, Wacko Sayoc, Florida conspiracies, Catching Sayoc

Why China just put a spy in charge of its best university. It’s the latest effort by Xi to control and corrall the people of his country - and of other nations.
Andrew Gillum’s terrible, contradictory tax plan. The aspirant for the Florida governor’s mansion wants to ruin the structure that helps his state succeed.
Twitter reveals Cesar Sayoc to be a very angry and sick man. The suspected mail bomber’s social media posts are extremely odd.
Florida is the natural home of conspiracy theories. It’s in the sunshine state’s DNA as much as alligators are in its swamps.
Catching the mail bomber, US federal law enforcement shows its best side. The key to how Cesar Sayoc was caught so quickly is unique scaled-skilled capabilities.

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