Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Russia vs. US in Syria, Pompeo vs. SK, Eric Holder, John James, DHS Menendez, Chinese computers

Russia is moving forces towards the U.S. military in Syria. The Russian government likely has two objectives in play here.
Mike Pompeo is right to rebuke South Korea on its appeasement of the North Korean military. The secretary of state must stand up for American security.
Eric Holder has immolated his integrity at the altar of liberal fanaticism. The former attorney general is playing for an unpleasant crowd in order to boost his chances of securing the Democratic presidential nomination.
John James tweets a masterpiece of American exceptionalism! The Republican senate candidate illustrates what’s best about America.
DHS should release the documents pertaining to Senator Bob Menendez and the delayed arrest of an illegal-immigrant sex offender.

Stop buying computer equipment from China. The risk of malware being introduced into proprietary U.S. information systems is now too high.

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