Friday, December 23, 2016

Video Post - ISIS Threats to the West

Following my recent National Review column on the Berlin attack, I Discussed Daesh's threat to the west

For the first 4 minutes - I discuss the challenge of monitoring extremists in Germany
At 2m40s -  I discuss Salafi extremism in Germany
At 4m20s - I discuss Daesh's focus on operational security
At 4m45s - I discuss the CT protective security measures being undertaken re: Christmas
At 6m10s - I discuss Daesh's special hatred for Christianity
At 7m20s - I discuss the ideological interlink in Daesh's hatred
At 8m50s - I discuss Daesh cell development in Europe - and CT detection
At 11m40s - I discuss the interlink between attacks and inspiration
At 12m20s - I take questions. First one on symoblic targets
At 13m30s - I discuss Daesh's desire to spark sectarian feuding around the world
At 15m30s - I explain why U.S. needs more boots on the ground
At 15m50s - I discuss why the U.S. should target terrorist recruiters
At the conclusion of my comments I argue that criticizing Islam per se is stupid. Here's why.

Some of the articles I reference


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