Wednesday, March 2, 2016

TV commentary

Just noticed this comment below a posting on a McLaughlin Group episode from November 2015. He/she refers to my Grandfather in this context.

''As I understand it Tom is of American parentage ~ both parents?, don't know ~ born, raised and schooled over there. Grandpa is an authentic Yank, ditto, Dad at least. I suspect that Tom is an Israel First Neocon "clash of Civilisations" Islamophobe and question his ethnocreedal status & loyalty. The fact that it is hard to get background data on him makes one suspicious. It didn't seem like Mort particularly liked him, but one wonders whether he is Mort's replacement for the "Jewish seat", the way these people operate. John should clarify this and explain Mort's absence. The silence is really quite arrogant. Even though I am coming to tolerate Rogan better, and know that young people deserve a chance, I think that just making him a "regular" was "over the top" and pre-sumptuous.''

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