Saturday, April 5, 2014

ISIS - Takfiri sentiment

Flowing with my latest @The National Review - I thought you might find it interesting to read some more on the Takfiri fetishism that defines ISIS. Case in point; what ISIS is doing to Iraq and Syria today, their ideological primogenitors were doing to 10th century Baghdad. Describing that era, Joel Kraemer writes about the mobs that attacked women, destroyed musical instruments, interrogated couples and persecuted the Shi'a population. This is the legacy that sustains contemporary Salafi-Jihadism; a movement that finds joy in cooking human heads in pots, in burning prisoners alive, torturing children and using the mentally-ill to attack funerals. In turning passenger planes into chariots of death and malls into factories of mayhem. As a side note, here's why they don't like satire.

PS - I normally post a video concerning the topic of the blog post. However in this case, because ISIS related footage inevitably involves the celebration of slaughtered innocents, I'm not posting a video. What do these videos entail? Well, one I recently watched... involved a group of truckers being pulled over on a highway in western Iraq. Following an interrogation, ISIS executes the men for being Allawites. The execution scene is then replayed with accompanying jihadist music. These people are true evil.

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  1. Thanks for posting this article. I knew this movement was evil and some of the atrocities they have committed, however I didn't understand the historical 10th century information. As President Franklin D. Roosevelt said, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." We know ISIL's threats to eradicate the "devil," of non-believing, non-Muslims is serious, but we must not fear or buckle to those threats.