Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Walmart Wars

Corporations must manage costs in ways that enable a long term competitive edge. It's in this context that Walmart's threat to withdraw plans to establish in DC is understandable. Walmart is concerned by the DC Council's intention to impose a $12.50 minimum wage requirement against them. The Council's political objective is clear. Walmart has always been deeply unpopular with left wing politicians - they see the business as willfully ignorant of worker interests. However, from my perspective, this issue speaks to a fundamental failing of liberal intransigents - they're more interested in their own ideology than they are in providing jobs and affordable products. In this case, 1,800 jobs would be created by Walmart. Yet, this obstructionism is nothing new, last year, New York Unions prevented Walmart from establishing in that city. I've always believed that modern Unions are an enemy to the common interest rather than an ally. They weaken the middle class, they damage job prospects and they exist to use monopoly power to enrich their select class of members. Theirs is a stunning arrogance - rewarding the few at the cost of the many.

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