Sunday, July 28, 2013

President Obama's Mathematical Incontinence

Speaking on today's edition of Fox News Sunday, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew repeatedly asserted that the US Government has already made major progress towards reducing the national deficit/debt. This is an absurd suggestion and an argument that would only make sense were it an effort at sarcasm. As I've argued for The Week, the US national debt remains a crisis situation. It threatens to drown America's future. Resolving this great challenge will require major reforms. That's a fact. It's non-negotiable. By revelling in their realm of fiscal delusion, by pretending that major entitlement reforms won't be necessary, Lew and the President deserve condemnation.

It's ironic that the President spent most of last week claiming that Congress is playing politics with critical issues. Perhaps they are, but he's doing just the same.

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