Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bush 41

As I argued a couple of weeks back, George HW Bush defines American class. As has been widely reported, one of the agents on Bush's Secret Service detail has a son with Leukemia - as such, the detail agents have shaved their heads in solidarity. So has their protectee. The Secret Service remains one of America's greatest institutions. Rightly so, they enable our democracy. This photo really does represent the best of America.

This 24 July 2013 handout photo shows former US President George H W Bush (front centre) with his Secret Service security detail including Jon (fifth from left) holding his son Patrick

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  1. Jesus man, you are seriously living in a dream land. Why do you ascribe this kind act as particularly American? Having just read several of your articles back to back, including the bizarre statement that Americam sdiers are good (what are you, four years old), I think you need to have a serious look at your biases. Or are you just trolling?