Saturday, April 27, 2013

Why I support the CIA drone program

UPDATE: 10/22/13 - 'In Defense of Drones'

 A quick post on why I support the CIA's drone program

  • The program has eviscerated Al Qa'ida/Taliban/other terrorist leadership cadres.
  • The program is highly effective in terms of its intelligence collection provisions.
  • The program strikes fear into the enemy- denying open freedom of movement/action.
  • The program is discriminate - IE - it avoids significant civilian casualties (those who say otherwise are simply wrong).
  • The program removes the need for American ground forces to be deployed into highly precarious situations.
  • The Pakistani/Yemeni* people are infuriated by the drone program - to some degree, this feeds anti-American nationalist sentiments.
  • It treats a symptom (terrorists) rather than the disease (why do terrorists become terrorists?) so is not a end game solution.
CONCLUSION- I'm a strong supporter of the drone program. Yes, it won't end terrorism. However, until states like Yemen and Pakistan develop credible civilian govt's and stronger, unified counter-insurgency efforts, the drone program will provide a discriminate and highly productive tool for necessary counter-terrorism.

I recognize that UCAVs are used in other locations beyond Yemen/Pakistan.

Please also see my other writings on related issues.

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