Thursday, April 18, 2013

Boston Suspects - Observations

These two individuals are persons of interest (POI) wanted by the FBI in connection with the Boston bombings. I have a number of observations. For sake of clarity, I have identified the front POI as POI-A and the rear POI as POI-B.

1) Both POIs are attempting to blend in with their surroundings (casual demeanor, walking etc). But at the same time (albeit to different degrees), both are wearing clothing (sunglasses, baseball cap, coats - hides build) that go some way towards concealing their identities. This could indicate an intentional effort at operational security on the part of these individuals. Perhaps also indicating some measure of organized training.  Again though, the easy accessibility of counter-surveillance material online means that the bomber/s could simply have looked up these techniques on the internet. The POI-A's baseball cap seems to have an uncommon pattern - something that investigators will be actively considering.

2) POI-A appears to have a darker complexion than POI-B (although shade may play a major role in this) and also seems to be older, however, this alone should not be used to make conclusions about organization/agenda/racial origin. At this point we must wait for more information.

3) The fact that the FBI has released the photos is in and of itself very interesting. For one, the FBI knows that by doing so, they risk those responsible for the attack (if these are indeed the perpetrators) going deeper into hiding. It seems likely that the FBI/Intelligence Community have limited information at this point in the investigation. In short, they've decided that they need the public's help. But alongside the negatives, there's obviously a great positive to the release of these photos- most of America will be looking at them. And it's highly likely that these POIs will have had interaction with someone on or prior to Monday. In addition, the side zoomed photo of POI-B is good footage. It should enable major investigatory leads for the FBI. Oh... and for those who have suggested that those responsible may already have left the country, yes, it's a possibility. But extradition treaty or no extradition treaty, one way or another those responsible will be brought to justice.

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