Saturday, April 27, 2013

Why America is right to support Israel

During my time in London, I was frequently asked why the US maintains such a close relationship with Israel. Could, I was asked, America's support for Israel truly be justified?
For me, the answer was and remains pretty simple - Not only is this alliance justified, it's also inherently necessary.

Don't get me wrong, the Israeli Government angers me from time to time. But no relationship is perfect. After all, even our relationship with the UK has its problems.

But contrasting the disagreements are an abundance of commonalities and four key imperatives.

First, the US was intimately involved in the creation of the Israeli state. That historic legacy sustains our desire to maintain Israel's existence and security.

Second, in the aftermath of the Holocaust and against the long and horrific history of Antisemitism, America vowed that we would protect Israeli democracy from destruction. Flowing in union with our finest values (freedom, honor, commitment), this is an oath worthy of our continued support.

Third, Israeli co-operation with the United States on issues of joint concern (Iran, for example) is of direct value to the national security of the United States.

Fourth, Israel needs American support. Surrounded by violent extremists who possess savvy PR capabilities (blaming Israelis for the terrorism that they respond to), America is crucial to the assertion of Israel's rightful global legitimacy.

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