Monday, February 4, 2013

Hostage rescue in Alabama

Update - CBS News confirming that Hostage Rescue Team carried out raid.

Bringing a week long standoff to an end, earlier today the FBI rescued a five year old boy who had been held hostage in an Alabama bunker. The kidnapper was killed during the assault. A few days ago, I tweeted my hopes that the FBI CIRG would be deployed to help resolve the situation. 

It appears that they were. CIRG is comprised of highly trained FBI agents who are skilled in tactical crisis resolution. Elements of the Hostage Rescue Team (a subordinate unit under CIRG) were almost certainly responsible for the actual assault. Breaching an underground bunker and rapidly seizing control of the environment, they performed superbly. It's important to remember that this kind of capability takes time, dedication and significant resources. However, on days like this one, it's also obvious that the investment is well worth it.

In other news, Malala appears to be recovering well. This is great news for Pakistan and for all those who believe in a future of democratic equality. Malala was attacked and nearly killed by the Taliban. Why? For going to school and advocating greater opportunity for Pakistani girls. Her experience and her resolve illustrate why we need to be resolute against the enemies of freedom. Any why we need to win the war on terror.

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