Wednesday, February 7, 2024

China hangs itself with Roald Dahl, Taylor Swift flight lawsuits, Israel vs. Ukraine aid, US political pyrotechnics

Spying on the Netherlands, China traps itself between Roald Dahl and reality. The disclosure of a Chinese spying campaign is embarrassing and unfortunately timed for Beijing.

Taylor Swift's flight lawsuit threats are unserious and unnecessary. While the celebrity singer has legitimate concerns about stalkers, free speech law is clear

From Monday... 

Why Speaker Mike Johnson is wrong on stand-alone Israel aid. Republicans are right to demand more from Europe in Ukraine's support. Still, Ukraine currently needs aid more than does Israel.

The Biden Administration's political pyrotechnics encourage Iran to escalate. The Administration warned Iranian-aligned forces to evacuate before U.S. strikes and is begging Iran to regard the strikes as unserious.

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