Thursday, May 21, 2020

Hong Kong, Venezuela Iran oil, Huawei and protectionism, Iran Persian Gulf, Trump King Abdullah, Journalism and UFOs

Chinese Communist dragon moves to immolate Hong Kong. The action to enshrine Beijing's rule over the city is the final nail in Hong Kong's democracy coffin.

Seek Juan Guaido's guidance on intercepting Iranian oil tankers. It should be the decision of America's ally and Venezuela's leader whether the oil is delivered to Maduro.

From Wednesday-

No to a pass for Huawei and no to new protectionism. The U.S. has an interest in countering China and expanding free trade.

Beware of Iran provoking the U.S. Navy to fire on its vessels. The Iranians have reason to escalate and may sense opportunity in the Persian Gulf.

Trump must address Jordan's West Bank concerns. The president has a responsibility to ensure Jordan's stability.

From Tuesday-

Why most journalists don't want to cover UFOs. There are too many questions, too much stigma, and too few obvious answers.

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