Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Democrats on corruption, Democrats as CinC, Iran Europe, Navy UFO, Putin reforms, Trump and Lincoln

Democrats hate corruption, unless it’s government corruption. The 2020 Democratic debate on Tuesday showed a good deal of serious hypocrisy on this issue.

2020 Democrats show they’re not ready to lead as commander-in-chief. Whatever you think of Trump, the foreign policy answers offered on Tuesday were very weak.

Iran tries to woo Europeans by threatening to kill them. The Iranian government wants the EU to get back on board with the depleted nuclear deal.

What’s in that top secret Navy UFO briefing? We can make some educated guesses. Nuclear stuff, for one.

How Vladimir Putin just consolidated his czardom. He's playing the long game.

It’s really simple: Washington and Lincoln were better presidents than Trump. The historic comparisons are not very complicated.

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