Friday, May 24, 2019

Huawei trapped, UAE arms, Next PM, Yoga Iran, Mike Pompeo, Theresa May

Trump traps Huawei between Beijing and the marketplace. Huawei can’t abandon its patron and director, but nor can it function effectively as a business.

Trump is right to skip around Congress to sell arms to Saudi Arabia and UAE. The interests of American realism are clear here.

Who should be Britain’s next prime minister? Rory Stewart or Sajid Javid.

Yoga, oil slicks, and the hypocrisy of Khomeinism. The Iranian rhetoric does not fit with any semblance of moral leadership.

Paul Whelan: Mike Pompeo should summon the Russian ambassador. The treatment of Whelan by Russian authorities is FSB evil.

Theresa May did a good job. She led a party that is absolutely fractured.

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