Friday, March 15, 2019

NATO freeloaders, Christchurch attack, El Pais and CIA, Vice transgender, Candace Owens

From NATO, new proof that Belgium and Germany are pathetic allies. They continue to underinvest in military spending, and to use military budgets for welfare.

Christchurch, and the warped pursuit of immortal glory. Like ISIS, the Christchurch attacker saw video as a means of making his attack eternal.

Why did El Pais blame the CIA for the attack on North Korea’s embassy in Spain? Did the Russians tell them it was a CIA operation?

Vice News fails in its interview with Natalie Wynn. The transgender activist threw out the language of speech censorship. Vice said she was an advocate for deradicalization.

Responding to the Christchurch attack, Candace Owens shows her biggest problem. The Turning Point USA executive is poorly versed in history and philosophy.

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