Wednesday, March 6, 2019

GRU London, Merkel Maduro, Cuban bars, Clausewitz, Democrats and antisemitism

Here's the identity of a top Russian GRU officer that Britain chucked out after the Skripal assassination attempt. A lieutenant colonel, Alexander Shevelev served two tours in London.

Angela Merkel's pathetic submission to Nicolas Maduro. The German chancellor has betrayed her nation's political credibility by abandoning Juan Guaido in Venezuela.

Cuban bars in Britain and the limits of leftist concern for cultural appropriation. The weird penchant for deference to Castro is telling.

Why we should keep teaching Clausewitz. The Prussian general and theorist has important continuing value to the study of warfare.

To understand the Democratic Party's vulnerability on antisemitism, Nancy Pelosi need only look at Labour's experience in Britain.

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