Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Britain China, Russia-Assad, Doping ban, Beijing 1984, Chekist humor, Mitt Romney

How Britain will support America with a new military base in South-East Asia. The Royal Navy intends to support democratic international order in face of Chinese threats.

Why Russia and Assad are now ready to smash Idlib governorate, Syria. The withdrawal of US forces has ceded the strategic initiative and allowed Erdogan’s co-option.

Russia must face another sports ban. Moscow’s failure to oblige by its anti-doping commitments is utterly inexcusable.

Orwellian Newspeak from Beijing. The Chinese government intends to steal the West Pacific by parsing language.

Chocolate Cathedrals and the art of Chekist humor. The Russians are playing gallow games with their ode to Salisbury.

Mitt Romney gives Barack Obama an undeserved foreign policy free pass. Romney’s article on Trump was fair, but missed a key detail.

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