Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Trump Khashoggi, China dream, Russia Interpol, Pakistan rebuke, Ivanka emails

Trump’s statement on Khashoggi serves US national interests. Here’s why it would be a mistake to burn the relationship with Mohammed bin Salman.

Via the New York Times, a crazy dream from China. Nuking the idea that a poor 18 year-old in China now has better chances than a poor 18 year-old in America.

If Vladimir Putin’s crony becomes president of Interpol, we should nominate al-Baghdadi to lead the UN. Okay, maybe not. Still, the Interpol situation is a joke.

Pakistan has no grounds to challenge Trump’s rebuke of its counterterrorism policies. The reality is that Pakistan has flirted with terrorists for far too long.

3 big distinctions between the email conduct of Ivanka Trump and Hillary Clinton. Trump’s actions were far less capricious and dangerous to America.

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