Friday, July 13, 2018

Trump-May presser takeaways, Sadiq Khan's immense hypocrisy on free speech, Jeremy Corbyn's Iran policy, Brexit curve balls, UK protests

Meeting May, Trump puts the special back in the relationship. The president made the effort to consolidate May's position and support US-UK relations. Here are four takeaways.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is the ultimate hypocrite on free speech. He thinks that offensive speech should be protected unless it affects him.

No one should listen to Jeremy Corbyn when it comes to Iran. The Labour party leader is a deferential creature of the Iranian hardliners.

Trump's Brexit curve ball might actually help Theresa May. The president may get the EU to give May a concession.

Why get aggravated by the UK protests against Trump? They represent free speech which is the sign of a healthy democracy.

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