Friday, July 20, 2018

Putin the realist, Jim Reese DNI, Florida probation-deal, Michael Cohen audio, visit Lostwithiel now!

Putin is a Russian realist not a neoconservative. The concern here is not escalation that leads to war, but escalating in recognition of Putin's measure of interests and means.

If DNI director Dan Coats resigns, President Trump should replace him with Jim Reese. The former Delta officer can lead IC reforms and mission energization.

Florida prosecutors should offer a probation-plea deal to the store owner who shot a thief. The young store doesn't deserve a prison sentence.

Michael Cohen's audio tape is not a major problem for Trump yet. The recording doesn't indicate illegal conduct on Trump's behalf. That's the key to any story here.

If you want an English visit of hope and glory, try Lostwithiel. The Cornish town is a citadel of fun and kindness.

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