Thursday, October 5, 2017

Iran deal, Partisan friends, Green Berets, Rohingya Genocide, Taiwan

Trump should not decertify the Iran nuclear deal, yet. Once we set off down that path, the diplomacy and risks get very complex very quickly. There’s a better alternative

Why and how the US must confront Burma's Rohingya genocide. The suffering is exponential but UN action is non-existent. We have alternatives to end the killings

America's partisan friend zone problem. A new Pew poll shows that many Americans have very few friends from opposite political persuasions. Here’s why that’s a problem

How, in Niger and beyond, the Green Berets serve US security. They are elite soldiers, but they’re also able to speak with, understand, train, and lead very different forces

House Republicans want increased U.S. support for Taiwan. That’s a good thing

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