Monday, January 23, 2017

Discussing Foreign Policy

I joined Matt Mackowiak of The Washington Times, to discuss foreign policy 
Forgive my voice, I had a bit of a cold! Our discussion begins at the 32m25s mark, here

At around the 37m mark we discuss Syria and credibility

At around the 39m mark we discuss posture in foreign policy

At around the 40m mark we discuss why Putin wants to keep Assad

At around the 42m25s mark we discuss NATO's future

At around the 45m30s mark we discuss Iraq, and targeting operations against Daesh

At around the 50m mark we discuss Iran's role in Iraq and political-sectarianism

At around the 52m mark we discuss the SOFA failed extension in 2011

At around the 55m30s mark we discuss the Iran deal and restraining Iranian aggression

At around the 60m35s mark we discuss what a semi-good Syria peace deal might look like

At around the 64m45s mark we discuss North Korea's nuclear threat

At the 68m mark we discuss The McLaughlin Group and Dr. McLaughlin's personality!

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