Saturday, August 13, 2016

The McLaughlin Group - August 13th - CBS-NY + PBS Nationwide

Note. This week - and for the first time in 34 years - our beloved host, Dr. John McLaughlin was unable to moderate the show. He is unwell. Nevertheless, his immense courage is evidenced by the voice audios that he provided for issues 2 and 3. Dr. M wanted us to do the show because he cares deeply about our fans. We hope he will return soon. Until then, he is foremost in our thoughts.

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  1. Tom, I can tell by your face in the final clip that you have a real affection for the Dr., as many of us do - and that he is in dire straits. All good wishes his direction and I hope he can resume his chair a few more times.

  2. I just posted a comment at your Facebook page. Thank you for your kind and sincere words about John McLaughlin's death. I can certainly understand why he wanted you to be part of the panel. I hope the group will continue, so that I can agree [and, sometimes, disagree] with your analyses.