Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Village Underground Debate! Is America in Decline?

Last week, I had the pleasure of debating in New York City. The event took place at the Village Underground bar - sister club to the legendary Comedy Cellar. I was on the side arguing that the US is in decline, and my partner was George Packer from The New Yorker. On the other side, David Rothkopf of Foreign Policy was with conservative author, Kristin Tate. We had a lot of fun! My time linked comments follow below! I'm very grateful to CC owner, Noam Dworman and CC Director Special Events Stephen Calabria for inviting me.

My time linked comments:

First up...

On Foreign Policy, Entitlements, and Trust

On Hillary Clinton, Trump, and the Nature of American Society

On Business, College, and Skills

On Trump and Supporters in the US Military

On Citizens United and Media

On Free Speech

Q from Audience: Answering on Citizens United Ruling and Why it is Correct

Concluding Comment
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