Monday, June 1, 2015

A short follow-up thought on FIFA...

Just wanted to pen a quick piece on how FIFA’s establishment ‘leaders’ – like Jack Warner and Sepp Blatter etc. - are reacting to the indictments issued last week. In my opinion, these individuals are human skunks. Their stench has long been nauseating. And yet, because they've been allowed to operate without judicial challenge until now, their arrogance has become defining. They believe themselves to be untouchable. Case in point... Mr. Warner has released a YouTube sermon that blames his indictment on U.S. anger at losing the 2022 World Cup to Qatar. In his weird video (with soundtrack overlay...), Warner advised the FBI to, Take your losses like a man, and go.”

Of course, as I noted last week, ''hosting the World Cup in Qatar is like hosting the Super Bowl on a middle school soccer field built by slaves. That is, if that soccer field was based in the searing heat of California's Death Valley. And was surrounded by religious fanatics shouting at women and those bringing alcohol to the game.'' While Qatar's unsuitability for the World Cup has always been unambiguous (watch the video below), Warner and co. are refusing to show any remorse for their malfeasance. In return, investigators will simply redouble their scrutiny of FIFA dealings. Expect special attention towards the $1.58 billion in marketing income that FIFA received from the 2014 World Cup. 

Nevertheless, the arrogance of FIFA leaders reflects their utter unworthiness for the critical roles with which they're entrusted. Amusingly, this truth is  encapsulated by the song with which Warner overlays his sermon. It's the theme tune to "Inception''. A movie about a reality built upon dreams. It suits FIFA officials perfectly.

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