Friday, January 24, 2014

A tough week for freedom...

To conclude my writings for this week, I've collated a few news stories from around the world that provide further evidence for the theme of my recent article - For 2014, Globe in Partes Tres.

1) North Korea continues to play games over the prospect of reconciliation with the South. Some of my specific thoughts on North Korea are offered here.

2) Protesters in Ukraine (not 'the Ukraine') continue to resist Putin's war against their better future. Some of my specific thoughts on Ukraine / Putin are offered herehere and here.

3) In Switzerland, Syria's Government persists in claiming that the rebellion is wholly comprised by terrorists. Its representatives gleefully ignore their own crimes.  Some of my specific thoughts on the Syrian Civil War are offered here and here.

4) Al Qa'ida Core leader, al-Zawahiri, calls on Syrian jihadists to unite behind the death cult that is Salafi-rooted jihadism. Some of my specific thoughts on Al Qa'ida are offered here, here and here.

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