Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Merkel, NSA and Metadata Ruling

As I suggested would be the case (here and here), the diplomatic fallout from Snowden's leaks is increasingly obvious. American allies are recalibrating their approach towards co-operation with the US. Their actions speak to a broader political complexity. Just as the United States must continue to spy on Europe, so too will American allies continue to react to evolved domestic political environments at home (these governments know that the US spies and why it does so - but they must also satisfy the increased demands of their citizens for concerns like privacy etc.).

On a related note, it's my opinion that the NSA 'metadata' judgment will be overturned. I believe that the Federal Government will be able to show a compelling state interest in the collection of this narrow bracket of data. That being said, I also expect that the government will ultimately be compelled to reduce the time frame of its metadata storage on US persons.

Related thoughts.

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