Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Karzai being Karzai

Karzai's character traits have long been evident. Nevertheless, following Karzai's latest comments (timed for the 12th anniversary of the US intervention that liberated his country), it's time to draw some defining conclusions on the nature of the man.

In that vein...

Things Karzai is- 

Corrupt, self-aggrandizing, emotionally unstable, illogical.

Things Karzai is not-

A reliable supporter of honest democracy.

As an interesting side note, my friend and Heritage fellow, Luke Coffey, forwarded me the quote underlined below. It offers John William Kaye's (a 19th century British historian) description of the mid-19th century Afghan leader, Shuja Shah Durrani.

Perhaps Karzai is Durrani's reincarnation?

If interested, some of my other thoughts on Afghanistan.
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