Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fiscal Cliff?

The DC rumor mill is awash with news that a debt deal may be on the horizon. We shall see. Until news of a deal (or failure to reach a deal) becomes clear, I won't make any more comments. 

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  1. If this weren't such serious stuff, it would make a great 'Carry On' film!

    I am anxious to see who will blink first - in this case, I think it might be a (politically) good stance to be the party that 'gives' in the negotiations.

    Although, if the Repub's bend and agree to a tax-heavy deal, I will be very unhappy if the Democrats come back during the mid-terms and bash them as 'Tax Raisers'. Bad sportsmanship.

  2. I think that Boehner is trying to negotiate, the problem is that he cannot sell a plan to the House which doesn't include entitlement reforms.

  3. So true. It is a shame really - I admire Boehner's leadership, but I fear he may come out of this as one of the biggest casualties on the Hill.