Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Debate #2

Tonight's second presidential debate will be centered around a town hall format. Both candidates have major objectives to pursue.

For Romney, the key will be to continue to shine a light on the President's record. Romney has the momentum in the race but he still needs to close Obama's lead in Ohio. By attacking the President on policy, providing his alternate proposals and maintaining a calm, friendly demeanor, I believe that Romney can win. 

For the President, the key is to provide a better performance. I expect Obama will be far more aggressive and will attempt to go after Romney's record at Bain etc. He will try to paint Romney as a candidate who is fundamentally divorced from the middle class.

          Personally, I think the President is going to have another tough night (though probably not as tough as the first debate). I believe that Romney has the facts on his side and Obama has only a record of failure/a distinct lack of new ideas. Further, I seriously doubt that if the President attempts to wage a class warfare based attack on Romney he will be successful. In fact, I believe that Romney would relish the opportunity to have that discussion. As a final point, the town hall setting for tonight's debate will make it difficult for either candidate to be too aggressive. 

It's a big night. If Romney achieves another convincing win he will chip away the President's lead even further. In that scenario, the run up to Nov. 6 will be very tight.

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