Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Things to watch out for at the GOP Convention

TONIGHT - Ted Cruz, Gov. Chris Christie and Ann Romney. Expect Ann Romney to attempt to personalize her husband for the American people - Mrs. Romney may mention her husband's strong support in her battle with MS. From watching Ann Romney on tv, I feel that she will make a strong, positive impact on the American people. On the part of Christie, expect a humorous, aggressive rebuttal of President Obama's economic policies. The crowd will go crazy for Christie who is this Convention's keynote speaker. I am a long time fan on Christie. Ted Cruz - the new tea party hero will also be worth looking out for. I like Cruz, he brings an intellectual gravitas to the tea party movement which has been lacking until now.

WEDNESDAY - Condoleezza Rice and Paul Ryan. Expect Rice to cover substantive issues of foreign policy and make the case for why Romney would be stronger here than the President.  Ryan's speech will be pivotal. Many Americans still do not have a firm view on Ryan and this will be his opportunity to alter that perception gap. I am very confident that Ryan will deliver a powerful, passionate speech which outlines the grave fiscal situation that America faces. Expect Ryan to attack President Obama for his utter failure of leadership on the national debt crisis. Also expect Ryan's personal appeal numbers to improve post-Convention. His young, passionate and honest approach to politics represents a refreshing and a stark contrast to the President.

THURSDAY - Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney. Expect rising Republican star Rubio to give a speech that reaches out to Latino and Hispanic voters. Rubio will want to show why Republicans not Democrats offer the best policies for these voters. Also expect Rubio to play up his compelling life story. 

Finally, Mitt Romney. Expect Romney to assert his business background and moderate brand of Republicanism as arguments as to why he should be elected President. Critically, Romney will want to rebut Obama's left wing approach to economics. Romney will attempt to come across as a CEO type figure. Strong, confident and friendly, but in control. Romney will also want to positively contrast himself with the President's 'celebrity style' personality. I expect that if Romney delivers a strong speech he will raise himself three-four points above Obama in the post-Convention polls. Romney's speech will focus on two key concerns - the economy and introducing the idea of a Romney Presidency to the American people.

It should be an interesting week!

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