Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Iranian Plot

The two men also discussed killing the ambassador in a restaurant which the diplomat frequented.

In the aftermath of this plot (technically an act of war), a much more robust American policy towards Iran is required. Medium-Large scale military action should rightly be ruled out, but tougher sanctions are simply not sufficient. This is not to say America should once again embrace the illogic of the neo-conservatives, but the lack of credible American response to Iran's support for death squads in Iraq and attacks on coalition forces in both Iraq and Afghanistan have allowed the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to come to perceive the US as both weak and impotent. This must change. Correspondingly, the US should exert more pressure in attempting to change the revolutionary guards behaviour. This could include tougher sanctions, financial seizure of foreign held Iranian government bank accounts and the consideration of targeted covert operations against revolutionary guard leadership linked to the plot, or even a petroleum blockade of Iran. The criminal affidavit apparently states

When the informant expressed concern that 100 to 150 people could be injured in a bombing of the restaurant, including “senators who dine there,” Arbabsiar said “no big deal.'

A materially activated plot against the US by Iranian agents is an act of war. War is not an option nor a preference but a serious American response is certainly required.

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