Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tom Rogan Thinks..

1) The guy who attacked Murdoch was a fool who distracted proceedings.

2) The Senate debt talks are encouraging. If Republicans reject this plan they will be ignoring their duty as elected officials to seek a meaningful and substantive resolution to America's debt crisis. The cut/cap agenda is not politically possible and neither is a solution that resides solely on cuts. If the United States is to avoid the disaster of debt failure then we Republicans must pursue the art of the possible. The senate plan appears to offer the closure of loopholes as a solution for revenue increases alongside meaningful reforms to medicare/defense, discretionary spending and medicaid. These attributes should be welcomed as reasonable alternatives to tax increases and clearly preferable to doing nothing. The plan appears to be one that supports Republican interests. The tea party revolt was staged on the principle of national unity in the pursuit of a common necessity. Willful inaction would be a betrayal of that bold legacy.

3) The collapse of the Tevez transfer to Corinthians is indicative of the big problem that Man City have. They want a lot of money for a player who is temperamental and has huge wage demands.

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