Monday, July 18, 2011

Tom Rogan Thinks..

1) Petraeus has done a  typically great job in Afghanistan. The strategy there is working and requires patient resolve. John Allen is an impressive officer who can ensure that this success continues.

2) The Met Police Commissioner (Head of Scotand Yard) was right to resign. I think Cressida Dick would be the best choice replacement.

3) The unions would be crazy to reject NY Gov. Cuomo's over generous offer.

4) Israel - Hizballah - Iran is heating up even more. Especially interesting in the context of Ahmadinejad's friction with the theocratic elite.

5) Manchester City appear to have got a good deal for Tevez.

6) This video reflects the terrible struggle underway in Mexico. Only resolve against the drug gangs can end the violence. These police officers gave their lives to try and save their country. Mexico reminds of me of how Columbia was in the 80s-early 90s.. in that country resolve and strong leadership has brought lasting peace. FARC, once thought invincible, now spend most of their time running around in the jungle trying to avoid Columbian special forces.

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