Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Philippines bases, RC-135 spy flight, Macron to Beijing, China military, Trump protests, France tech-China, Sanna Marin, Trump Secret Service

Philippines gives U.S. war planners big boost with new base locations. The bases would enable U.S. forces to refuel and rearm, and strike PLA forces with greater efficiency.

U.S. spy plane monitors new Russia warship as Finland joins NATO. The RC-135 signals intelligence aircraft was operating just outside of Russia's Northern Fleet headquarters.

Macron bows before Xi before even arriving in Beijing. The French president views China relations through the prism of trade. And very little else.

China military newspaper emphasizes the need for absolute loyalty to the Communist Party. It's a reminder that the Chinese military is not a national military similar to that of other nations.

The pro- and anti-Trump protests show America at its best. Political disagreement on matters of significant national import need not entail violence or government repression.

U.S. should recall its ambassador if France provides China with access to its high-tech industry. The U.S. cannot tolerate support, even if indirect, for the PLA's warfighting capability.

From Monday...

Finland's Sanna Marin leaves office with America's thanks. The prime minister has been a stalwart U.S. ally in face of Russian aggression and Chinese coercion.

Trump's New York travel poses special Secret Service challenges. The former president's itinerary is public and the Secret Service's means of protection are more limited.

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