Wednesday, July 13, 2022

China's "seriously" anger, Kaliningrad EU weakness, China vs. Australia, Biden security in West Bank

Why China is "seriously" angry with the U.S. and why the U.S. is right to provoke that anger. The South China Sea is not a Chinese paddling pool. It constitutes international waters the free passage of which is critical to the sustainment of global prosperity and freedom.

From Kaliningrad with pathetic weakness: the EU bows to Russia and betrays Biden and Lithuania. The European Commission's abandonment of its own sanctions on rail transits offers a pathetic example of the EU's weakness. A reckoning is coming.

China demands Australia become its lapdog. Beijing has decided that the best way to earn the new Prime Minister's favor is to insult him and demand submission from his people.

How Biden will be protected on his Friday visit to East Jerusalem and the West Bank. The Secret Service will work alongside a range of Israeli security efforts.

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