Monday, November 1, 2021

COP26, Taiwan, Germany vs. NATO, Russia vs. Ukraine, Sino-Russian flotilla

BBC chooses advocacy over reporting at COP26. The public broadcaster has a duty to do better.

Xi demands U.S. money and delivers a dud letter to COP26. The Chinese leader risks alienating his European partners.

from last week...

Taiwan needs to get serious about defending itself. The island democracy cannot just expect a blank check from the U.S. Washington should give Taipei a timeline to start taking its security seriously.

Is Germany allied to NATO or Russia? Berlin's behavior means it's a legitimate question.

Provoking energy crisis and playing Biden, Russia cuts thermal coal supplies to Ukraine. Putin is upping the ante. He seems to sense that Biden is hesitant.

Decoding a Sino-Russian naval flotilla in the Western Pacific. The transit is a message to the U.S., one which serves Putin's economic interests and Xi's domestic prestige.

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